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GenCrowd 3D v2.0 GenCrowd is standalone software tool that is...

GenCrowd 3D v2. 0 GenCrowd is standalone software tool that is designed to enable both professional and amateur digital content artists to quickly and easily generate hundreds of realistic, copyright free 3D, heads by age, gender and ethnicity.

The resultant heads (mesh and texture), including morph targets or a 'bone rig' for animation, can be exported into industry-standard art/animation tool suites in a variety of file formats, mesh resolutions and texture sizes.

So, if you need to populate your stadium or street scene in Tokyo, London, Los Angeles or Bombay how much time and money would you have to spend sourcing imagery of the various ethnic groups (and avoid copyright issues)?

And how many artists would you need to laboriously produce the 3D heads and animationsOverview of the GenCrowd 3D: GenCrowd 3D allows any number of 3D unique heads to be generated by the simple press of a single button.

You can set the number of heads you wish to generate in a given window Heads can viewed in 360 degrees at different mesh resolutions in a dedicated window You can mix selected heads to produce sub sets of related heads Looking for something particular from a head?

With GenCrowd 3D you can change the attributes of any head to look like a particular ethinicity, age or gender. Want to generate a crowd with certain characteristics?

GenCrowd 3D allows you to define the types of heads you wish to generate by specifiying the age, gender or ethnicity. Whether you want your you heads to smile or frown, GenCrowd 3D allows a variety of morph targets (expressions and phonemes) that can be added to each head.

Mix expressions, phonemes and traits to help produce truely unique characters. Animation: to speed this up in your animation package the heads are exported with a bone rig and animation sequence, which cycles through sample expressions and visemes.

Bump and specular maps can be created and exported Once you have created your desired head or group, you can then save and export them into many of the popular 3D art animation packages in the following file formats : obj maya binary (.

mb)VRMLfbx xsi If you own the latest version of GenHead you can now export your GenHead heads into GenCrowd v2. Once imported, the heads can be modified in terms of age, gender and ethnicity before exporting elsewhere.

The supplied mesh is a high quality quad mesh (which enables easy subdivision, in ZBrush for example). There are 4 export mesh resolutions: 1, 2, 5 and 9k.

All of these mesh resolutions come complete with a bone rig for animation. The meshes can be imported into Maya (. mb file compatible with 6. 0, 6.

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